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Disputes, Mediation and Litigation

Dispute resolution is an important part of our business. Whether a dispute arises out of a personal or business relationship, it is important that efforts to resolve the dispute are conducted efficiently and with careful consideration of the result you wish to achieve.

In any dispute, it is vitally important that a close watch is kept on the cost of resolving the dispute in the light of what financial or other benefit may come to you out of its resolution. We can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision as to how and how far your dispute resolution process should go. If it is necessary to sue, or to defend a Court claim made against you, then we have the experience needed to conduct your case in the Courts.

We can represent you in commercial/contractual disputes, partnership or any other dispute in which you find yourself involved.

Please contact us to speak to our experienced Solicitors and we can detail for you what procedures and approaches are available, including mediation and any other dispute resolution process, including taking your case to Court.

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